A word about social media . . .

The consumer has always been in charge. The recommendations of friends and family and the cool kids in your circle of friends have always been the most credible and powerful influencers. The only thing that’s changed are the social networking tools – like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube and mobile – available to accelerate the rate at which words, ideas and images travel along the grapevine.

In our practice it’s not a choice between social media AND PR or social media AND marketing. Social media is part of the fabric of a well-woven marketing communications strategy. Yes, unfocused social media can be a time suck but strategic social media outreach is a business necessity. Yes, social media can be scary because it can make you feel exposed. But in the end, well managed, social media can be embraced as a tool to help organizations be more transparent, responsive and successful.

It’s not over. Count on Brand Amp to keep up with the latest trends and challenge you to consider whether and how your brand can adopt the newest tools of the trade.