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Geotourism find: Maroilles cheese

Written by admin on June 5th, 2009. Posted in Uncategorized

If you’re a cheese connoisseur and happen to find yourself either in the North of France or, if you’re lucky, a very good cheese shop in Paris, you must try the rare Maroilles cheese. (pronounced Mar Whahl) Don’t let the pungent aroma scare you off, as it did me the first few times I was presented this cheese. Once you taste it it’s creamy goodness (45% fat), you forget the overpowering smell.

According to most internet references, the cheese was first produced in the 10th century by a monk at the Abbey of Maroilles. The cheese was allegedly a favorite of several French kings including Philippe Auguste, Francois I and Cahrles Quint. This delicious cheese is just one of 27 of France’s 365 varieties of cheese to earn French  label of origin status and is also recognized for its regional uniqueness by the European Union.

The cheese originates from the cows of Avesnois. During production, after the cheese is washed it is aged for two to three months in the caves of Thierache which only allow for the development of the particular flora that gives the cheese is unique flavor. During this time it is regularly turned and brushed, promoting the development of bacteria that forms the rind which changes color from yellow to reddish orange.

The thing I miss most about living in France is the great selection of cheese and the terrific number of really fantastic everyday wines at everyday prices. My favorite cheese will probably always be Maroilles.