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A rookie ventures into Utah slot canyons

Written by admin on May 19th, 2009. Posted in Buflife

Drying gear after Lower Eardley canyoneering adventure in Utah

Sporting my favorite Buff while drying gear after Lower Eardley canyoneering adventure in Utah.

This past weekend i had a chance to combine the ecotourism aspect of geotourism with field testing the uniquely versatile Buff headwear.

Lower Eardley Canyon may not be the tighest slot canyon in Utah but it certainly poses its own unique challenges, especially to a rookie canyoneer such as myself.

As long slogs up steep peaks are to bagging 14ers in Colorado, long slogs up hot, sandy dry washes are part of the game when it comes to canyoneering in Utah. The hike to the mouth of Lower Eardley Canyon isn’t that bad but the hike to the top is long and route-finding is challenging. Once in the canyon itself, the route is evident since there are no side canyons. After a few dry or barely wet but hoppable or wadeable pothole obstacles, comes the series of six rappels into six potholes that demand swimming. I read that sometimes, right after a flash flood when the water level in the potholes is higher, it’s possible to just jump rather than rappel into these potholes.

According to other, more experienced canyoneers, Eardley makes up in swimmer potholes what it lacks in the type of slithery tight slot passages of other popular slot canyons in Utah.

Verdicts: I look forward to my next canyoneering adventure. Trusty Buff seems a perfect choice for canyoneering headwear. Geotourism – at least that part of it that savors the natural environemnt –

is alive and well in the slot canyons of Utah.

Help save Utah scenic lands

Written by admin on January 3rd, 2009. Posted in Advocacy, Biz Buzz, Land

A web site has been set up to collect donations for a legal defense fund as well as to raise money to buy the parcels Tim Christopher bid on at the controversial BLM oil/gas lease sale in Utah shortly before Christmas (and Bush’s exit from office.)

There’s a great info packed website that makes it easy to hop aboard and help this worthy cause. If you’re a mountain biker, hiker, climber, backpacker, off road enthusiast, nature lover, desert lover, flora and fauna lover, national park lover, environmentalist, painter, poet, photographer, river lover, geology lover, naturist :-) or naturalist, sucker for a stunning sunset, lover – or love the thought of – quiet and wild places, support an American’s right to peaceful (and in this case creative) civil disobedience  . . . I urge you to get involved and donate whatever you can. At this writing Tim was just shy of $15,000 on his way to raising the $45,000 needed as downpayment on the lease parcels he bid and won, all of which are near Arches or Canyonlands National Parks outside Moab, UT. To keep the BLM at bay, Tim has to raise the full $45K before the Jan. 9 BLM mandated deadline. At about $2.50 per acre a mere $10 contribution “buys” 4 acres of prime real estate in Utah’s red rock canyon country, keeping it safe from being sullied by unsightly oil and gas equipment and the roads and vehicles needed to mine it.

Whether you contribute or not, if you haven’t been there yet, be sure to move southwest Utah up on your list of must-see destinations. It’ll  help you understand better what all the hubbub is about.